CoBees Enterprise strives to give customers a generous selection from a wider range of liquors and we continue to add new products to the market every year.



Fruit wine


Baesangmyun Brewery

Baesangmyun Brewery is the company that leads Asian alcohol culture.​ 


Founded in 1996, Baesangmyun Brewery has been branding itself as “a company dedicated to the culture of alcoholic beverages".

Korean traditional wine


Kooksoondang Brewery

KOOK SOON DANG Brewery (KSDB) was established in 1952.

As a major producer of Korean wine and health-related products, we’ve been making an effort in research and development to dynamically change Korean traditional brewing formulas.

Asian spirits (Korean Soju)


Lotte Liquor

Lotte Chilsung is one of the largest beverage manufacturers in South Korea and is part of the Lotte Corporation. 



Cantine Guidi 1929

Its very distinctive and elegant wines from Italy, produced by Cantine Guidi 1929. In their expert hands, driven by extreme attention to detail, in search of the very best quality, 5 generations of the Guidi family have used its passion and experience to make some of the best wines Tuscany has to offer today.


Barbanera 1938

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Barbanera is located at the foot of Mount Cetona, in a territory - the Tuscan one - as beautiful as it is generous, famous in the world for its large grapes.

It is currently an ethically and technologically advanced company, a conscious production reality, proud of the level achieved by its products, the value and passion of the people inside it work to achieve better and better results and the respectful attention paid to the many customers who have been rewarding it with their loyalty for years.



Valvirginio is about 350 farming families who through their work contribute to growing the Cantina Sociale Colli Fiorentini, the largest producer of Chianti wine in the world.


For almost 50 years we have been conserving and protecting about 1,500ha of the Tuscan landscape, we keep our traditions alive with the pride that distinguishes every Italian family in relation to its territory.


Zeni 1870

Since 1870, Zeni winery bases its success and the quality of its wines on the great synergy that revolves around a close-knit and consolidated team.