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Lenz Moser

Burgenland– Austria

Most of the Austrian  wines are consumed locally, but luckily some producers export and have been making a name for themselves overseas. Among them, Lenz Moser stands out: it is Austria's biggestexporter, producing around 14 million bottles per year from 2,700 hectares of vineyards, which covers 5% of the Austrian winegrowing area. The winery, located in Rohrendorf, collaborates with several Austrian families who provide grapes that are grown sustainably and according to strict quality criteria.

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Michael Rethaller — Cellar Manager

Burgenland - the land of traditions and innovations 

Around 3,000 vintner-families in the wine-growing regions of Lower Austria and Burgenland
tend their vineyards all year round before the harvest and the grapes are processed/refined
to wine at the winery in Rohrendorf. This requires expertise and love for the details, as every
wine style light and youthful or full-bodied and with storing intentions needs a difference
in its approach. To ensure that everything works out perfectly, an experienced team of
oenologists is constantly in touch with our vintner-families. The result of this successful
collaboration are quality wines with excellent price-enjoyment/benefit ratio. So far, Moser
received more than 30 gold medals for the current vintage at national and internationalcompetitions.


A benchmark example of a late-harvest boytized Austrian riesling. A captivating nose of honey, apricot marmalade and fresh white flowers. The sweetness is well balanced on the palate by racy acidity, bringing luscious texture and an extremely long finish.

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