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Cobees is a Canadian wine and liquor import agency based in British Columbia. We specialize in a diverse range of Korean liquors and terroir-driven wines from underrepresented appellations.​ 

Founded in 2010, Cobees Enterprise quickly established itself as a leading importer of specialty Korean spirits, beer and sake. As the company grew, the portfolio was expanded to include wines that meet our rigorous standards. Cobees now maintains a carefully curated portfolio focused on underrepresented appellations and indigenous grape varieties from six different countries. 


Our talented sales team offers our products in all corners of the industry, selling to provincial liquor boards, private liquor stores, and hospitality. We currently operate in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. 

We invite you to get to know us better and to check out our best selling products.

Here at Cobees we offer our producers a robust marketing program that includes tastings, advertisements, special promotions, sponsorships and inclusion in festivals. We are proud to say that our comprehensive marketing program generates increased demand and public visibility for all of our products.

Our Founder

James Hwang has over 30 years of liquor industry experience, where he held the role of Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at AB InBev Korea (Oriental Brewery Co.).

Mr. Hwang left South Korea for Vancouver to found CoBees Enterprise, seeking to apply his knowledge and experience to bring a piece of Korean culture to Canada in the form of unique Korean beverages. Today James is a leading member of the business community and currently serves as the President of the World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Associations in Canada.



James S.Y. Hwang

CEO CoBees Enterprise Ltd.


CoBees delivers a unique Korean experience to Canada. Discover Korean culture and history with our unique selection of Soju, rice wines, and other authentic Korean drinks.

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CoBees sources gastronomic wines from Europe and beyond. 

Our portfolio reflects a terroir-driven approach, presenting a story and a sense of place in every bottle.



We have partnered with top-quality wineries and distilleries to give our customers an extensive selection of gastronomic wines and liquors.

We are proud members of IVSA (Import Vintners and Spirits Association) and ICCCW (Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West).

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