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CoBees Enterprise Ltd. is an importing company. We are one of the largest buyers and supplier of Korean liquor in Canada, doing business with provincial liquor boards, liquor stores, pubs and restaurants in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Our company’s comprehensive marketing and promotion campaigns creates an ever-increasing demand of our extensive list of products. Various marketing activities include sampling and tasting,
advertisement, special promotions, sponsorship, and festivals. Cobees Enterprise is an IVSA and ICCCW member.


We partner with the finest liquor companies in Korea. 


CoBees Enterprise strives to give customers an extensive selection of liquors. We continually add new products making us the largest and most sought-after importers of liquor from Korea. 


We do our best to be a business that provides customers with vitality in their lives. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. Our business has grown based on this philosophy while being at the forefront of innovation and change in the market. We strive to maintain our leading position through our industry knowledge, we do not follow current trends but we are helping you to be part of current trends. Our pledge is to supply our products with our honesty and sincerity to all of our customers.





For any inquiries or questions, please contact us. You can use our web form or send us an email or simply call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Suite 270 - 9600 Cameron Street, Burnaby, B.C. Canada V3J 7N3

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Email: info@cobeesliquor.com



604-440-5858 (James S. Y. Hwang - CEO)

778-873-6121 (Jinwoo Bae - AM)

778-683-7132 (JaeHyun Park)

604-423-4309 (Office)


204-894-4013 (Tony Hong)


514-506-0617 (Lena Yun)


902-403-4468 (Nathan Pryor)

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